TOUGH MASTER 30 Tooth Ultra-Durable Plastic 3in1 Leaf Rake Telescopic Handle 80-130 cm Metal

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TOUGH MASTER 30 Tooth Ultra-Durable Plastic 3in1 Leaf Rake Telescopic Handle 80-130 cm Metal

Rake large areas thoroughly, clear out your hedges and then dispose of the debris quickly and neatly with TOUGH MASTER®'s 3 in 1 garden rake. The 30" adjustable-width rake head has 2 removable side sections that can be quickly detached to create a handy 7"-wide shrub rake – perfect for removing debris from underneath hedges and between plants. Detaching and reattaching these sections is quick, secure and easy, too, thanks to the rake head's Easy Click system. When it comes to picking up the debris, this 3 in 1 garden rake has that figured out, too: The rake head's 2 removable side sections have grip handles, so you can use them as garden leaf grabbers to easily dispose of leaves, twigs and weeds. The handle of this multipurpose rake comes apart into 2 sections, thanks to the rake handle's Click-on System, making for quick, convenient and easy storage. The high-quality aluminium handle is lightweight, easy to use, and strong. This 3 in 1 rake has a rubberised foam handle grip to cushion your grip and enable you to keep a firm hold on the handle. Lengthen the handle from 128cm to 178cm to tackle a wide range of chores.


  • MULTI PURPOSE INNOVATIVE DESIGN: This 3 in 1 rake functions as a full-size 30""-wide head for clearing up larger areas and a 7"" shrub rake mode, which is perfect for narrow, hard-to-reach places. Use your 11"" garden leaf grabbers to pick up your leaves

  • EASY TO USE: It takes seconds to convert this 3 in 1 garden rake using the Click-on-System: By detaching and attaching the rake head’s sections, this 3 in 1 rake from TOUGH MASTER® can function as a lawn rake, garden leaf grabbers or a shrub rake

  • HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS: When it comes to choosing leaf rakes, you want one that is durable for all your garden jobs. High-quality materials include the strong lightweight tubular aluminum handle and highly durable plastic rake's head

  • ERGONOMIC FUNCTION: This 3 in 1 garden rake has a light weight of only 1kg, so it’s easy to handle and manoeuvre, making for comfortable all-day use

  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE LENGTH: Decouple and reattach the 2 handle sections to change the rake's length from 128cm to 178cm to suit your work – or your height

  • SOFT GRIP: The rubberised handle grip allows comfortable use and a secure grip
Product Specifications
  • Product net weight: 1.3kg
  • Product full length: 1.75m
  • Product – one handle section intact: 1.45m
  • Full rake head width: 77cm
  • Leaf grabber handle width: 12.5cm
  • Leaf grabber rake head width: 29cm
  • Shrub rake head width: 19cm

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER Lightweight Extendable Garden 3in1 Lawn Leaf Grass Rake Hand Tool

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