TOUGH MASTER 4-Layer Reinforced Anti-Kink 30m/100ft Garden Hose Pipe Braided Water Hosepipe

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TOUGH MASTER 4-Layer Reinforced Anti-Kink 30m/100ft Garden Hose Pipe Braided Water Hosepipe

Our TOUGH MASTER® 30m Garden Hose is as durable as it is long. The TM-GH430C has 4 layers: 1 durable inner layer, 1 flexible rubber inner layer, 1 mesh reinforcement layer and 1 transparent outer layer. The mesh layer prevents kinks, bending and twists. The transparent outer layer resists UV radiation, algae and frost. It is also textured for a surer grip, even when wet. The hose has a wide temperature tolerance of 5°C to 65°C

  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: At 30m, this garden hose pipe is long enough for all but the very biggest gardens. With its wide temperature tolerance and weather resistant properties, this 30m garden hose can be used all year round

  • 4 PLY CONSTRUCTION: This strong, flexible hose has a durable inner layer, a flexible rubber middle layer, a clear, non slip outer layer, and a layer of mesh reinforcement, making it extremely well constructed and durable, proving well after multiple uses

  • EASY TO HANDLE: This garden water hose pipe makes for a stress free user experience, as the layer of mesh reinforcement prevents twisting and kinking for easier handling. The clear outer layer is also textured to give you a firmer grip, even when wet

  • DAMAGE RESISTANCE: This 4 ply hose is good for outdoor use, as it has a clear outer layer to protect against wear and tear and other potential damage. The sturdy hose can also withstand up to 8 bars of water pressure

  • WEATHER RESISTANT: The clear protective outer layer guards against UV radiation, frost damage and algae. It also has a wide temperature tolerance of -5°C to +65°C, so it can be kept outside during every season of the year

  • NON KINK TECHNOLOGY: The hose uses non kink technology, which is designed to prevent it from twisting, bending and bunching up. As such, the innovative hose pipe is less temperamental than your average water pipe, making for smoother use
Product Specifications
  • Material Type: Mixed materials
  • Width: ½"/12mm
  • Length: 30m/100ft
  • Weight: 4.2kg

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER 30M Garden Hose, Heavy Duty ½” 4 layer Constructed Long Water Pipe

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