TOUGH MASTER Garden Secateurs Cutter Pruning Shears Hand Pruner Trimming Snips

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TOUGH MASTER Garden Secateurs Cutter Pruning Shears Hand Pruner Trimming Snips

Light pruning jobs become a pleasure with this handy TM-GP21 Bypass Pruner. Its lightweight, slim profile will allow you to reach into tricky spots, so you can prepare to relax outdoors in a neat and tidy garden. The pruning shears are also extremely durable, as they are made of super-sharp Japanese SK85 steel, made to trim down bushes and trees with ease. The cutting blade has a non-stick, rust-resistant Teflon blade coating for an easier, cleaner cut and to keep the blades from sticking. The 45mm blade opening width is perfect for pruning twigs and smaller branches, and the handy wrist strap means that you won’t drop your pruners in the undergrowth ever again. The TM-GP21 has a safety catch that can easily be flicked open or closed using the left or right hand, and securely clipped into place when the garden shears aren't in use. To protect the spring against dirt and mechanical damage, there's a telescopic spring cover, and the contoured rubberised non-slip handle grips give you slip-resistant comfort.


  • SK85 BLADE: The blades of these gardening shears use professional SK-85 steel which is not only ultra-strong, but super-sharp. A sharp, durable blade makes pruning a quick, simple task, as it will cut through branches with ease

  • TEFLON COATING: The Teflon blade coating on these pruners improves the quality of the blades as it helps to keep them from sticking, which will help you speed through your gardening tasks and give you a hassle-free performance

  • STRONG MATERIALS: These bypass pruning shears are made from industry-leading rust- and corrosion-resistant materials. This includes a sturdy cast-metal handle and casing. The telescopic spring cover protects the spring from dirt and mechanical damage

  • CUTTING-SIZE ADJUSTMENT:  With the quick flick of a switch, you can increase or reduce the grip width of the secateurs. This is particularly handy if your hands are on the smaller side or if you are cutting thinner stems and branches, as it reduces unnecessary opening width, which in turn helps with hand fatigue

  • SAFETY LOCK: For added peace of mind, there is a safety lock function on this tree trimmer, so, if it ends up in the hands of a young child, they cannot use the tool. This also provides extra protection for the user so that it is less likely you will have any accidents with the sharp blade

  • ERGONOMIC & LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: This handy bypass hand pruner has an anti-slip and ergonomic handle and is very compact and lightweight, so it won’t strain your hands. Finally, you’ll be able to sort out the garden for longer with less wrist pain and hand cramping
Product Specifications
  • Size: 215 mm
  • Blade: SK5
  • Under blade: 10B55
  • Type: Bypass Prunner
  • Colour: Black and Yellow
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Manufacturer Warranty: None
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Width: 45 mm
  • Handle: PP+TPR with rope

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x Garden Hand Bypass Pruner 45 mm Teflon-Coated Steel Blade

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