TOUGH MASTER Powerful 90W Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry Strong 6000PA Suction Handheld Cleaner TM-CVC105

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TOUGH MASTER Powerful 90W Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet & Dry Strong 6000PA Suction Handheld Cleaner

Is the inside of your car littered with food crumbs, pet hair, and other debris? Time to clean it away with TOUGH MASTER®'s corded car vacuum. This powerful 6000 PA handheld vacuum cleaner has a high performance 90W motor for an extremely strong suction in a compact design, making for a dirt free car interior. It is also easy to store in the car boot, so you can get it out whenever you feel is convenient. The car vac comes with 5 attachments for versatile use: a long tube for hard to reach areas, a brush for carpets and upholstery, a cleaning suction nozzle to clean under the car seats and other crevices, and two connectors. With different options, you'll be able to use the hand held portable vacuum cleaner at full capacity. There is even a removable HEPA filter for high efficiency, which is also washable. This vacuum cleaner for home and car cleaning has a 4.7 meter cord, long enough so that you can clean the back seats comfortably, without having to pull on the wire. Not only this, but your neighbors will be happy, as this powerful hand hoover has a very low noise level at 70db, so there'll be no disturbance.


  • STRONG SUCTION: This car vacuum has a high suction of 6000 PA with a high-performance 90W motor, providing superior suction capability in a compact gadget. This will leave your car looking dirt and dust-free inno time at all

  • VERSATILE: The car vac comes with 5 attachments to make the most out of the tool: 1 long tube for hard-to-reach areas, 1 brush for carpets and upholstery, 1 cleaning suction nozzle for under seats, cracks,crevices, and 2 connectors

  • REMOVABLE HEPA FILTER: There is a removable HEPA filter on this handheld vacuuming corded mini hoover, which is easy to remove and is also washable. Simply wash with soap and water and dry off with a cloth for the best efficiency

  • EXTENDED CORD LENGTH: The cord on this car vacuum cleaner for pet hair, food crumbs, and other messes is 4.7 metres long, which is enough to allow you to clean the back seats comfortably, without having to pull or tug on the wire

  • LOW NOISE: TOUGH MASTER car vacuums have a maximum noise level of 70db, so it is quiet when in use. This is good news for your neighbours, wildlife, or any passers-by as it won't cause too much disturbance or anxiety

  • FOR ALL TYPES OF VEHICLE: No matter if you're riding around in an SUV or a mini, keeping a clean car is so much easier with a TOUGH MASTER Vacuum Cleaner
Product Specifications
  • Suction power: 6000 pa
  • Motor power: 90 W
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 0,45 L
  • Working Temperature: -20C to 50C
  • Item weight: 800 g
  • Dimensions: 38x9.5x11.2 cm
  • Cord Length: 4.7 m
  • Filter: Washable HEPA filter
  • Volt: DC12V
  • Function: Cleaning
  • Accessories: hose+connectors*2+flat nozzle+brush

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x corded car vacuum
  • hose+connectors2+brush
  • 5 x nozzles

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