TOUGH MASTER Tape Measure Belt Holder Pouch Large Black 5m/8m 3m -10 Metre

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TOUGH MASTER Tape Measure Belt Holder Pouch Large Black 5m/8m 3m -10 Metre

A universal holster designed by TOUGH MASTER made for 3-10 M long measuring tapes, this will provide you quick access to your measuring tape at all times. This holster provides the upmost security to your measuring tape and with a snug fit. This holster fits most standard size measuring tapes that can fit into the palm of your hand. A strap is also fitted, minimising the chances of your measuring tape falling out it's holster whilst on top of a roof or a ladder.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Created from strong padded fabric Polyester 1680В with sturdy, reinforced seams and riveted pull over strap protect against years of wear and tear

  • CONVENIENT USE: Easily move the pull-over strap to access your tape measure. The two openings at the bottom allow you to push your tape measure up and out from either side

  • ADDED SAFETY: The high-vis trim on this padding helps you stay visible, even in low light, which is essential for working in dangerous or busy environments. It is built as an add-on to your tool belt for a safer experience

  • ADAPTABLE: Fits all Heavyweight Leather, Quick-Release or Super-Heavyweight Belts. Goes well with other products from TOUGH MASTER®'s range of tools belts and tool pouches

  • VERSATILE USE: Fits most standard size tape measures that can fit in the palm of your hand. Great for electrician, contractor, carpenter, farmer, plumber, handyman and so on

  • AFFORDABLY PRICED: Compared to similar products on the market
Product Specifications
  • Material: Nylon 1680D
  • Type: Tape Measure Belt Holder Pouch
  • Colour: Black/Yellow + Reflective Stitching

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER Tape Measure Belt Holder Pouch 3m -10 Metre

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